Troef of trend? Actuele ontwikkelingen in de meertaligheidsdidactiek.



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Inaugural lecture dr. Joana Duarte

On Wednesday 5 February 2020 you are kindly invited to attend the inaugural lecture of Dr. Joana Duarte, professor in Multilingualism and Literacy at the Academy for Primary Education.


The theme of the lecture

Trump or trend? Current developments in multilingual education.


Inaugural lecture

In this inaugural lecture, a plea will be made for both the teachers as researchers in their own practice and for a stronger connection between education, research and practice in the field of multilingual education. In addition, the newest material and the newest tools in this area will be presented for both primary and secondary education.


Will you save the date in your agenda?

The program takes place between 14:30 and 17:30 in Leeuwarden and ends with a pleasant drink. The official invitation with the full program will follow in early January.

Any questions?
Please contact Ms Dirkje Elgersma at


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